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Biojusto is the new name of the organic brand for the Spanish Fair Trade ONG called IDEAS. The project is about rebranding the their own production, differentiating the brand from it’s competitors, by giving their products a new fresh way to be seen.

The project is not only about packaging, it is about changing the look and the way of communicating, helping the brand to expand their market and achieve better in their goals to make the market fair, step by step creating a commerce that is fair, sustainable and organic. The project name: Wake up, has a double meaning. The Fair Trade groceries by Ideas are all very related to breakfast, and that is why the creative proposals for the communication is about the most important meal of the day. It is also a call for the people to see that by choosing correctly we can consume responsibly, be fair and sustainable, and at the same time choose the products that are best for ourselves as well. This all starts from breakfast. From waking up. From opening our eyes.