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alejandra aristizabal


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Alejandra Aristizabal
Visual Artists

“Cabuya” is a communication campaign for the Government of Colombia to use as a channel of advertising for International markets, to show the benefits and possible business opportunities that the Fique plant has. For this, I will create an informative video, showing the production process and the families involved with it, the environment and the plant benefits.

To reach international markets, I will collaborate with 12 young artists around the world, including myself as a representation of my country, to create one piece of art each with Cabuya. This is an organic material taken from the Fique plant. Art will be the channel of visualization to position and show the world what the Fique plant is. The purpose of the pieces is to catch the eye of the people to generate controversy, knowledge and culture around this plant. The intention is to provoke others by the creation and interpretation of the material by the artists.