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preloved project


johanna niño torres

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  • Course: Master of Communication Design Labs
  • Edition: January 2016
  • School: Visual Communication
  • Headquarters: Madrid

In the last three years a noticeable change has occurred in the fashion industry there has been an interesting growth of sustainable actions. The market of second and clothing shows an opportunity of transformation, it has been an growing bit by bit. However, people have still resistance with second hand clothes. The mission for this project was to inspire a new generation of consumers to think second hand first proving how a second hand damage item can reborn and be a desirable product again.

As a result Preloved project discovered an opportunity to love and trust again by Setting out this category into a next level. So that’s why, never it is too late to give a second chance. As a strategy the project develop a new identity for this market such as ambassador of second chances, showing through a new fashion brand that is based on sustainable initiatives a renovated second hand market.