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Seseña is a family business devoted to making capes and cloaks in Madrid, Spain. Santos Seseña founded, in 1901, the Casa de Seseña. Their first store opened in the Madrid city centre and became one of the many important tailor shops in the city. Many key authors of 20th -century Spanish literature, such as Valle-Inclán and Pío Baroja, were fans of wearing

Seseña House has always been a tailor shop, a workshop where the pieces are made to order, in true craftsmanship fashion. It is a family business that goes back generations and preserves traditional methods in the production of its garments. The brand has a long history and leaves many legacies. The challenge was to create a communication campaign whose creative concept is based on three great discoveries: tradition, culture and art.

This concept is created for the Spanish Millennial generation, which still holds on to tradition. To implement it, Seseña will use three main strategies:
1. Awareness. Promote the brand, lending it a strong position with clear values.
2. Product development. It is important to show the importance of craftsmanship as an
added value.
3. Online channels. Establish a strong presence, focused on a young and digitally
native audience.