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Eric Müller Moreno

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The drift is a constant state of everything in the existence of the world we know. Nothing is constant, everything is in constant transmutation. The laws of physics were neve so true at the times we live right now, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is in constant transformation. All of our acts will have a impact in the future, and we are already seeing that. Islands of trash started to rise in our oceans, in our rivers, in our cities. Trash that one day used to be something meaningful, useful, lovable and today is just a fragment lost in the drift. Neptune is a initiative to prove that a chaotic material such as trash can be transformed into something beautiful, geometrical, precise.

The contrast between cutting edge technology and simple DYI techniques to create a technological object made of plastic trash have the goal to prove that everyone has the power on their hands to start shapeshifting the future into something more optimistical, bright and creative without stop the technological advance.