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Riwa Baroud

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Alumno IED

  • Course: Master of Product Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Design
  • Headquarters: Madrid

My project aims to materialize the elusive. Giving the chance to the spectator to be conscious that time is relatively a non-existing material, he is compelled to face and be aware of his presence in this instant.

Combining a manipulation of light and reflection, based on the concept of time in an unconventional way, this “time-machine” breaks the rules of our perception by trying to catch this instant we are all missing out.


The moving elements of the installation translate a time’s notion, and will be perceived by the hypnotized spectator standing in front of it. An alteration of the light, influenced by the spectator himself, will make him interact and feel the importance of his presence in this instant.