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Our world is constantly evolving, may it be into a good change or a bad change. The fact is, that at the end of the tunnel, the human race is trying to become simpler with their daily lifestyle. Especially in the way they affront daily routines such as having a meal. Waku means “simple” in the indigenous language Arekuna, also known as Pemon for the name of the people who communicate with it. These indigenous tribe live in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela. They believe nature is the base to everything and most of them still worship some ancient Gods that relate to nature. Our civilization is growing to be more aware of nature and how we adapt to its natural cycles, this is where “Waku sensation” is born.

Made up of glass to follow the cooking process, Waku sensations, a good sensation, takes us back to the simple life where water and its cycle of transformation is used to cook. Nature’s engineering bring these two together. What impresses the most about this product is the attraction of witnessing how the water evolves into different stages and mix together with ingredients creating colors and textures. This way, two very important cycles are combined, the water cycle, a natural cycle, and the cooking process that uses boiling and steam. Apart from that, users will interact by sharing their opinion of what they are experiencing while having a nice shared meal, making it a social and fun activity. Using basic principles of physics, this simple process is transformed into something that will awaken senses; smell, taste and sight.

It is thought for food lovers who are interested in combining cooking techniques while stimulating different senses. These users care about building more engaged experiences while having a social meal. It’s a new way of tasting and enjoying food using traditional techniques such as steaming and vaporizing on the same table where you’re having the meal. This provides an innovative experience where users will taste their own creations in a healthy manner using natural ingredients such as spices and herbs, unlike basic cooking methods, where there is no interaction and no collaboration between the preparation and the final consumers. This product is a cooking utensil made basically out of glass and metal. The main idea is to cook in it whatever you want using steam. It will work like a fondue casserole, where you use skewers to put the food. It will use the vacuum system to later separate the boiling broth used to create the vapor, which is made out of different flavors, so that it can then be used to aromatize other meals. It will be completely sealed so that the vapors aromatize whatever you want to cook using the steam. Designed to bring a common cooking technique into the table as a portable and simple artifact, this product will integrate both processes, cooking and eating. It’s more of a social and tasting experience where you understand and visualize the process of cooking your own creation, you become your own chef.