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Interior design is and will still be one of the main parts of our daily lives in the places we visit, the places we work, the places we travel to and more important the places we decide to make our home.
So as we know we are heading to a more technological world and AMANTOLLI. seeks to bring back nostalgy and tradition to architecture and interior design projects.

Mónica Ivett Olán Peralta México Interior designer moniolan0891@gmail.com​ AMANTOLLI. is a platform that connects artisans and design studios to deliver unique and local projects. ​Its goal is to preserve tradition and the sharing of a culture.​ Depending of the experience and expertise of each artisan and the needs of each project AMANTOLLI. is aiming to be the connection between these two creators.

What makes it different? The platform has two sides: 1 Works as a data base and guidance for architecture and design studios. 2 AMANATOLLI. functions as a guide for artisans to increase their value proposition giving them a new way to tell their story, traditions and document their work through a design filter. Creating an artisan's network so they can be able to collaborate between each other and share techniques. And last but not least will function as a formation platform for artisans allowing them to grow professionally in every aspect they choose. Just in México there is a population of 4 million artisans and the majority of them are in extreme poverty so why not give them a chance? Explore their work, techniques and traditions and value them and their products as art and even better a customized art for our interior spaces.