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This is a platform created to connect and satisfy people who are willing to learn about new cultures locally and while traveling, as well as professionals and individuals who are willing to share their knowledge. There is a latent and unexplored market niche that is not satisfied by current tourism culture: offers that are too expensive or too focused on tourism. Culturall is a P2P system that offers a new way to connect with global people. Culturall is a platform that provides users with a new way to contact professionals and individuals, learning from them quickly and easily on different topics worldwide. Unlike current tourism trends, we focus on the exchange of knowledge and culture, offering a unique experience, above and beyond what is usually provided. The market is not offering a stronger alternative to traditional travel experiences and we believe that tourism is in dire need of innovation. Therefore, Culturall aims to provide interdisciplinary expertise to meet current needs. Customers, like modern globetrotters, demand more enriching experiences and Culturall aims not only to provide a service, but also to create a natural synergy that will strengthen connections between people and the cultures they visit.