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Yara Berbari

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Alumno IED

  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Yara Berbari is a Landscape Architect and Strategist by training. Her creativity, logic for functionality, passion for problem solving and humanitarian work make her the ideal fit to get this project going. Having spent four years in Beirut, Lebanon during the most critical years of the Syrian war to complete her undergraduate studies as a Landscape Architecture student studying the impact on land and it’s people the Syrian war has brought and 11 months studying problem solving, design thinking, and strategic ideation, she combined her two backgrounds and passions, familiarity with the situation, her experience and close work with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, to come up with this project.

EMERGENCY creates seamless integration of Legal Syrian refugees in Lebanon into the skilled work force. It is a new technique of finding and hiring legal Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. It is a online and offline career guidance service center combining training workshops and an online database that contains work profiles and CVs of Syrian refugees that have legal Lebanese documents which allow them to work in Lebanon, connecting them to local employers providing them with job opportunities hoping to equip them with skills that can be used to rebuild their country when the war in over.

EMERGENCY aims to answer to the following issues: 1. Absence of efficient and trustworthy job searching process for sponsored refugees. 2. Lack of means of communication between local employers and sponsored (legal) refugees. 3. No information of what existing skills these refugees have and able to work with in the Lebanese job market. The location of the career guidance center would be in Central Beirut; making it easily accessible to refugees in both, North and South of Lebanon, as well as central to most employers and contractors, while at the same time being around the governmental bodies which indirectly allows the documentation and paperwork logistics easier to handle. This way we can help integrate these refugees into the working society as well as help them sustain their families’ expenses leading to better development within their communities. The work we do promotes self-sufficiency among Syrians and reduces their reliance on humanitarian aid. Our vision is to be the leading catalyst(business enabler) by effective deployment of legally sponsored refugees with local contractors/employers in the three fields of con- struction, agriculture and household opportunities. Our mission is to build and maintain a trustworthy and secure community for refugees and employers alike to build long-lasting working relationships.

The EMERGENCY community is one of positive aspirations, strong willingness for change and possibilities, and an all-in-all mutually beneficial network. The heart and soul of the EMERGENCY organization is its people. Our community is for anyone that wants to lend a helping hand in turning our dreams, as an organization and our people, into realities. Whether you are a student who wants to volunteer his/her time in teaching the refugees registered with us or help us during our campaigns and events, a business man who wants to offer us a collaboration by hiring the skilled employees registered with us, an employer who’s helping us by letting us help him/her through our membership packages, a municipality partner or body member that is donating or joining our community through a membership deal, or just a goodhearted individual; YOU are what makes and keeps our community whole.

Our initial year funding strategy includes revenue streams from grants, memberships, and fundraising and promotional events. These will go towards possible funding of sponsorships for refugees seeking legal documentation for work, payment of remunerations, improvements of services, and building strong communication tools. EMERGENCY creates a prestigious network of socially responsible institutions in which members of this network receive a certification that instantly distinguishes and recognizes them as prestigious humanitarian aid philanthropists. By using our services to hire refugees and help get them sponsored you are not only contributing to a social responsibility and benefitting a humanitarian cause; we in turn PROMISEYOU that you will be getting skilled employees who will most certainly add value to your company. This year has equipped me (Yara) with the skills to over see this project and get it done. It gave me a chance to dig deeper into what I wanted to work on and choose something that means a lot to me, I was able to learn so much from the different courses, professors, and trips that took place during the thesis process. The thesis process is a tough one, but with the right guidance, the kind of guidance that I had, it will surely end up being the most enriching experience one can go through.