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  • Course: Masters of Design and Innovation in Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

myBarrio, born from the union of proximity and sense of belonging, is a centralized peer-to-peer geolocalized platform for on-demand household and professional services. We connect service seekers with providers through hyperlocal matching, creating opportunity for timely interactions by connecting locals to solve their day-to- day needs. We design for trust.

Based on our value of proximity, we create opportunity for timely and fruitful interactions by connecting locals to solve the day-to- day needs of their communities, with a focus of on-demand professionals and household services, which are two of the fasted growing sectors of the sharing economy as a whole. We want to facilitate interactions among people living close by and give the opportunity to save time by searching and booking services locally, meet people near them and make money by providing services to other locals. In doing so, our brand would be associated with an empowering concept of local collaborations. 

We would be the first-to- market platform to effectively combine on-demand household and professional services on a hyperlocal basis, tailoring to these needs through geomapping versus listings by city, ratings and online frictionless payment. On top of this, myBarrio is easily scalable due to user-driven content, as our service seekers and providers set the stage for which services are needed in each new market that we enter. 

The result is a fully geolocalized service covering a wide number of critical necessities, with potential to uncover idle services capacity that could flourish on a local level and have remained dormant to until now. myBarrio are neighborhoods gone live, where getting help and solutions locally is made possible with your barrio, fueled by locals.