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Cédric Fettouche

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  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

As a designer I believe that we need to be optimistic to be able to create and that we need to have a systemic vision in order to manage and resolve complex problems. During these past years, I studied abroad in The Netherlands, India and now Spain I met amazing people and studied various subjects.
The past few years I also started to do freelance work and to do mentoring. These different experiences allowed me to build my own personality, culture and vision.

Opoïesis is the result of these five years of studies.

In a world in change design is doing its way on mindsets of people and companies. Methodologies are getting trendy, the word is on every mouth but are we really doing it right? After a year at IED and a lot of research about the actual state of design, I realized that essentials values, such as environment and social, were not often applied on design's projects and company's strategies simply because there are not implemented on actual methodologies and others short term mindsets. To launch the company, it is necessary to gain reputation, create a methodology, get a diversified network and get clients. The strategy is to create a contest in Europe about centenarian companies and their methodologies. By doing so we get participants, projects, sponsors and visibility which will help to fulfill all the requirements and start Opoïesis in the best way. Now you can understand why Opoïesis comes from autopoïesis which means «Self-creation». It’s actually the ability of a system to produce itself, permanently and in interaction with their environment by containing all they need to maintain their own essential structure, processes and identity. Our goal is to spread our vision, based on universal values, through client’s projects for a better common future.

Opoïesis is a consulting company which uses systemic analysis and expertise from our network to strategize a well thought-out blueprint of long term opportunities to create immortal brands. By working for long term strategies Opoïesis can implement to our clients important notions such as environmental and social visions. This strategy makes us much more visible on the market because we are not competing with classic design agencies.

Opoïesis is a company that works only for long term projects. Using a systemic methodology we analyze, consult our network of experts, study the possible futures and deliver a range of opportunities to create prosperous future for our clients and lower impacts for people and planet. Opoïesis is about win-win solutions.