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  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2016"
  • Number 09 - 23 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

These exclusive events give students the opportunity to hear about the experiences of professionals and companiesThe lectures focus on hot topics in the fields of design and communication: the speakers include active professionals, who  bring their personal vision and share their modus operandi, stimulating debate, establishing a dialogue and sometimes referencing the subjects dealt with in the students’ thesis and research projects.

On the other hand, the  case studies focus on experiences or cases in which professionals are linked to the business world, and share success stories as examples of good practices.

The reality-based approach allows students to see possible scenarios for their future career, getting to know first-hand the development of a proposal, from the brief to its implementation in the design and production processes, the business and communication strategy and communication and the subsequent dissemination in the market.

1 Ecoembes: Ecodesign and prevention plans


Told in the first person by Ecoembes, a non-profit organization devoted to the reuse of containers throughout Spain, the aim of this case study was to share all the agents involved in the value chain of packaged products and the influence of containers’ design in their subsequent recycling. Basic aspects such as material, colour or shape can be decisive for the management of the waste generated by these products.

Esther Colino

Manager of Prevention and Services to Companies in Ecoembes

2 Self-Design

Claudia van Verseveld

Coach, Forming and Founder of La Diferencia


Self-design fue más que una ponencia. Los jóvenes creativos vivieron un emocionante y divertido viaje hacia su interior para descubrir su esencia como profesionales creativos y aprender a exteriorizarlo. Una sesión de coaching que les inspiró a tomar acciones concretas y diferentes. Un potente catalizador de nuevos comportamientos.

3 Business models and State of the art in 3D printing


The recent popularity of 3D printing has given way to what is known as 4.0 manufacturing. This revolution in the collapse of barriers offers access to custom prototyping and manufacturing, opening doors to new business opportunities. Young creatives discovered where 3D printing comes from, where it is and where it is headed, and devised a business model in 3D printing.

Almudena Sanz

Data Scientist at McKinsey & Company

4 Sharing Economy

Javier Noguerol

Design researcher


What is a sharing economy model? Will sharing business models make us better? These and many other questions were answered along with Javier Noguerol. Students of Strategic Design Labs analysed the most significant cases of collaborative models; their past, present and future in our society.

5 Internet of Things

César García Sáez

Researcher at Descubre la Electrónica Orientada a Objetos


There is no better way to understand the evolution and operation of Open Source than by using physical examples of its capabilities. Through Arduino, an Open Source prototyping platform, Product Design Labs students discovered the important role of technology in design and different existing hardware.

6 How to be a big CEO?


How to get the best from yourself and others? Knowing when to lead and when to follow was the main objective of this talk. Through learning by doing, students of Strategic Design Labs honed their critical thinking skills, essential for decision-making and to successfully manage individual and organizational performance.

Alejandro Briceño

Culture & Engagement Director at Opinno