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06 Seminars

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2016"
  • Number 09 - 25 de September de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the Masters of Design and Innovation, the programmes include seminars, both technical or academic, in which students develop or delve into specific thematic content.

These activities are based on leading professionals conveying to students some of the core competencies of each master, in stimulating discussion and encouraging participation and interaction with the students.

The contents are intended to complete the vision and the background of each student in a way that allows them to boast the necessary knowledge to build their theses using an initial research process, with consistency, quality, consistency and critical thinking.

1 The Visual Telling of Stories


Understanding the basics of photography is essential in any field of creative work: to communicate, generate content and above all to fend for oneself. But how to create a good image no matter what the lighting conditions, or which photographic materials are available? Antonio Guzmán revealed to the students the secrets of telling good stories through photography.

Antonio Guzmán

Photographer Freelance and Teacher of Fashion Photography at IED Madrid

2 Filmmaking

Mikel Sáenz de Santa María

Professional of the Audiovisual Sector Freelance and Director Responsible for content at IED Madrid


Communication involves telling stories to the receiver through different media. One of the most effective and trendy is the audiovisual. It is important to understand it and to know how to take advantage of it, to know what audiovisual narrative consists of and how it differs from other languages. How is a story told through images, from theory to practice? These were some of the topics discussed at the seminar.

3 Writing Techniques


Having a brilliant business idea is not enough; you have to know how to communicate. Amanda Kelly, who has over ten years’ experience in communications sectors, conveyed to students the art of communicating and guided them in the development of a clear, concise and convincing version of their project.

Amanda Kelly

Editorial consultant and digital journalist

4 New Communication Strategy


From branding to advertising to brand positioning and the world of online marketing. Today, communication goes in all directions and on new media so it is important to have an in-depth understanding of all the elements that make it up. Paul provided the students of Communication Design Labs with a strategic and operational vision of modern communication.

Pablo Martín Antoranz

Consultant, trainer and promoter in Marketing

5 Insight Generation

Luis Zunzunegui

Director General of Propelland


Insight involves perception, knowledge and understanding. Luis conveyed to the students of Communication Design Labs their importance as the basis of a good strategy, and provided them with the tools needed to generate powerful ideas and practices in order to successfully develop their projects.

6 Strategic Planning


Hector specializes in the design, development and implementation of digital strategies, with a strong focus on innovation and brand strategy. With a “liquid” and collaborative approach, he introduced Communication Design Labs students to the science and art of strategic planning within the context of business.

Héctor Saracho

Head of Strategy and New Business in Genetsis

7 Understanding the Consumer decision journey

Simon Spencer

Director General of Marketing in Champsterdam


To communicate with the consumer you must first understand, how do brands do it? How do they adapt to new behaviours, in order to survive? To understand all this, you have to get in the brand’s shoes and understand how and when certain decisions are made, through the Consumer Decision Journey.

8 Human Brands


What does brand humanization mean? An analysis of the current situation of the advertising sector, the role creativity plays within it, where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going: this was the aim of the seminar with Xavi Barberá. When advertising appeared to have collapsed, losing its effectiveness, it reinvented itself. It is finally listening to the audience and gives it what it wants: stories and content.

Xavi Barberà

Creative Director specializing in Branded Content and Advertising

9 Implementing creativity in PR, social media and events

Francisco Díaz

Director General of Ziran Consulting


Creativity applied to communication is essential. Through case studies, students of Communication Design Labs learnt about the original creation process, coming to understand the different objectives of a communication plan and developing creativity aimed at ROI.

10 The Movie Making Process


Sumergirse en el proceso para llevar a cabo un proyecto audiovisual, familiarizarse con la narrativa audiovisual y conocer las técnicas de dirección cinematográfica fueron los objetivos de este seminario. Un estudio teórico y práctico de todas las áreas de trabajo y las habilidades que comprende el oficio del realizador en publicidad.

David Salaices

Realizador Audiovisual

11 The Movie Making Process


Allowing students to become immersed in the process in order to carry out an audiovisual project, helping them becoming familiar with the audiovisual narrative and teaching them to use filmmaking techniques were the objectives of this seminar. A theoretical and practical study of all work areas and skills necessary to work as an advertising producer.

David Salaices

Audiovisual producer

12 Touchpoints

Andy Kaiser

Producer of Digital Innovation


Touchpoints are all the elements from which people get a sense of a brand. Andy Kaiser, a psychologist and full-stack digital marketer, shared his experience with Communication Design Labs students, providing an overview of the strategies and tactics of touchpoints.

13 Co-creation and facilitation tricks and techniques


Through learning by doing, students of Strategic Design Labs were introduced to participatory design. Co-creation actively involves multidisciplinary teams and users at the heart of the innovation process, not only ensuring that products and services are designed for them but with them.

Mercè Graell

Directora Estratégica en Designit

14 Triple Balance

Laurent Ogel

Director de Diseño en PRAXXIS 


Finding the balance between economic, social and environmental issues was the focus of the seminar given by Laurent Ogel. They covered the relationships between organisms and between them and their environment, as well as research on the composition and dynamics of populations, communities, ecosystems, landscapes and the biosphere, with an emphasis on corporate sustainability.

15 Lean Start up


How do you know when a company is ready for the market, when to change course or how to get a business to grow at full speed? Thanks to the Lean Startup method of acceleration, young creatives learned to answer these questions and apply them to their own business projects.

Daniel Medina

Director of Strategic Consulting at Opinno

16 Project Management

Nir Hindi

Founder of The Artian


In the current business scenario, the only constant is change, and therefore the figure of a project manager is essential to its success. Students approached the discipline of project management through a case study with which they faced the challenge of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources, based on objectives.

17 Early-stage prototyping and evaluation of products and services


“Do not do what the user says: discover why the user is saying it and then act accordingly.” The seminar given by the designer Marina Fornes was developed on the basis of this philosophy. Through a real case study with the Santillana Foundation, students of the Strategic Design Labs implemented tools such as sketching, storyboards, user journeys and acting.

Marina Fornes

Creativity Booster in In-mocion

18 Marketing & Strategy and Customer Experience


Marketing is a mixture of different sciences (psychology, statistics, etc.) where it is rare for a single solution to exist. Antonio provided students with the skills needed to create a solid marketing plan mix (7PS) which will ensure long-term competitive advantage.

Antonio Fontanini

CEO and Private Equity Investor in Informalia, Business Therapist and Corporate Culture Hacker 

19 User Experience

Antonio Angulo

 UX Lead at Opinno 


User experience are the perceptions and responses of a person as a result of using a system or service. Our young creatives discovered and analysed the different variables that affect the quality of an experience: user, content and context.