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  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2016"
  • Number 09 - 23 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Welcome to the Masters of Design and Innovation: a starting point to great experiences for creatives who want to be bold! Because creativity must be focused toward innovation from design and because the world needs a perfect place to cultivate divergent thinking


At IED Master –set in the Malasaña neighbourhood, an alternative and modern space right in the Madrid city centre– in the MDI Lab –a multidisciplinary creation space which responds to the needs of students during the creative process– and at the Fab Lab –a space for real and small-scale production using the latest digital techniques–. Welcome to the ideas enhancer!

1 IED Master

IED Master is one of the three schools in Madrid of the Instituto Europeo di Design. Set on Calle Larra, only a few metres from the Tribunal and Bilbao underground stations, it is right in the neighbourhood of Malasaña, a modern and creative area in the centre of the Spanish capital. The building perfectly combines its historical nature with innovation and technology, in order to offer spaces, equipment and services which are unparalleled in the teaching of design and communication.

The classrooms are especially designed for each of the specialisations of our courses, and have all the necessary elements to put into practice the knowledge acquired. We have multimedia labs, specific rooms for 3D design, a rendering farm, fashion workshops and serigraphy and model workshops in which to produce models and prototypes. Additionally, we offer a photography studio, with all the necessary equipment for the students to document their proposals, carry out professional sessions and freely experiment with the most sophisticated equipment.

2 MDI Lab


At the IED Master we firmly believe in transversal training and research, and that is why we have equipped a place for multidisciplinary creation, called the MDI Lab, where meetings, activities and experiences are promoted.

This space meets the students’ needs during the creative process. It is a laboratory where students from the different programmes will be able to do research, get together and work on collective projects or on their own final thesis.

All types of profiles co-exist there and diverse synergies are created, which undoubtedly make the results of these interactions richer in nuances and have a common link of interest in design, innovation, communication and strategy.

3 Fab Lab

The new space of the IED Madrid is an innovative Fab Lab, recently inaugurated and opened to the students of the Masters of Design and Innovation; a real production space on a small scale using the latest digital techniques applied to design, including a coworking area.

It is integrated in the official Fab Labs network promoted by the Fab Foundation and the MIT and as such is has all the resources required by the network, necessary to carry out almost any project on the basis of all the forms of manufacture (addition, subtraction and abrasion).

The main aim of this space is to fill the gulf between manufacturing processes (both traditional and digital), business spirit, professional development, research and training.