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  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2016"
  • Number 09 - 28 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

During the one year of training offered by the Masters of Design and Innovation, the students, guided by professionals, visit schools or places of inspiration, work or production where businesses, projects and processes that may be inspiring or become reference points are developed.

These inspiring visits, along with various trips, help change the perception of students regarding innovation and design, providing opportunities for connections to the workplace.

1 Parque Tecnológico de Valdemingómez

The Parque Tecnológico de Valdemingómez has been, since 1978, the centre of all urban waste treatment facilities in Madrid.

Students learned about the treatment of the more than 4,000 tons of waste generated by the city of Madrid, reusing and recycling materials and energy, and depositing non-reusable materials in a landfill, in a safe and controlled way.

2 Opinno

Opinno is a global innovation consultancy firm, a think tank of which the teacher Tommaso Canonici is a member, coordinating the network of open innovation centres, the strategic consulting line (Opinno Strategy) and the training line (Opinno Training).

Led by Laura García Muñoz, a Strategy Consultant at Opinno Strategy, students of the Master of Strategic Design Labs discovered the business model implemented by Opinno: “People. Ideas. Solutions”;. Its mission is to generate impact through design, prototyping and the validation of new products, services and business models; using open innovation methodologies and Agile development to transform organizations.

3 Studio Alvaro Catalán de Ocón

Alvaro Catalán de Ocon, a former student and teacher at the IED, is a renowned product designer. His design vision is based on a highly sophisticated view of what makes an object special. His designs are clean and basic, but rich in experience and associations.

The young creatives visited his Madrid studio, where they could observe the clean and reductionist style of this designer, who avoids the unnecessary use of materials and components. They discovered the various works by the artist, among which is the famous lamp La Flaca, which won the Design Plus Award (Frankfurt) and was a finalist at the DELTA Awards in Barcelona.

4 Propelland

Propelland is a strategic design studio that helps businesses grow and change. Its mission is to design products, services and experiences that matter to people.

The Masters of Design and Innovation visited the Madrid headquarters of the studio, where they met its multidisciplinary team, a mix of young and experienced humanists, strategists, technologists and designers. An inspiring visit which allowed them to get closer to the professional world and during which they got to see the different projects that Propelland has produced for clients like Audi, Coca-Cola, BBVA and Disney.

5 Medialab Prado and H2i+Hub Madrid

Impact Hub is a support infrastructure for new projects, based on collaborative spaces, a diverse community of professionals and a number of coaching services. It is present in more than 85 cities around the world and is made up of 15,000 entrepreneurs.

The young creatives visited Impact Hub Madrid, a source of inspiration and a meeting pointfor social entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups, where they put into practice methodologies such as Design Thinking and Art of Hosting.