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05 Workshops

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2016"
  • Number 09 - 23 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

The workshops are creative spaces based on the combination of conceptual and practical exercises in a short period of time and they require complete dedication.

Each of the workshops research into and work on a particular topic related to the area of ​​product design, marketing communication, design concepts and business strategies in order to experiment with new creative tools and carry out a specific project under the guidance of outstanding professionals of international renown.

The students of the Masters of Design and Innovation took part in workshops with major international professionals to discover new methodologies, strengthening teamwork dynamics and reinforcing their multidisciplinary approach.

Learning by doing!

1 How to be a Creative Problem Solver

The diversity of approaches that can be applied to the process of creative problem-solving was the focus of this workshop with Pablo López. Through the CP student model clarify, devise, develop and implement, young creatives shared a range of experiences and co-created potential solutions.

2 Insight Generation Techniques (Lego Serious Play)


Up to now, the focus has been the “concept”. This is where the “idea” begins. The Lego Serious Play methodology is a form of communication and exploration, using Lego pieces, which allowed students of the Master of Communication Design Labs to create conceptual ideas beyond conceptual pre-thought. An innovative and experimental process through which young creatives devised strategies and innovation processes.


3 Audiovisual Narratives


“The language of the image”, “narrative strategies”, “art direction” and “from an idea to the image”; were some of the contents of the workshop that encouraged in the students a photographic sensitivity which they themselves were not aware they had. The main objective of this workshop was to develop strategies where students used photography as a tool to translate their ideas about products to the visual language.

4 Hacking Toys

To destroy to recreate was the idea behind ​​the workshop with Raw Color. With the firm intention of stimulating student’s creativity, and through experimentation with form, function and materials from different existing toys, the young creatives were carried away by creativity and reinvented rubber duckies, toy soldiers and frisbees.

5 Silk-Screen Printing


Learning the basics of screen printing was the objective of the workshop with Arteria Gráfica: a workshop devoted to Graphic Art publishing, silk-screen printing and serigraphy, in the artistic, textile and ceramic disciplines. Students discovered the secrets of this printing technique and made their own designs on different media to adapt them to possible future work.

6 From Abstract to Specific Turning Topics into Design Project


When starting a new project, often only specific information is obtained. However, it is useful to use an abstract entry in order to reach a new approach to the subject. The workshop was a mix between practical work and conceptual thinking in which Product Design Labs students researched the potential of ”summaries”, gave free rein to their imagination and used design as a communication tool.