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05 Digital & Communication Tools

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2017"
  • Number 10 - 23 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Nowadays, communication skills are key in the professional world, even more so in the field of design. This is why we have a specific area for different communication and creative tools that will be useful for the students in order to develop their prototypes and presentations during the year and later in their professional career.

1 Ugo Ceria

“I would like to say that a new communication profile exists, a hybrid profile that bridges strategy and design. It’s hybrid just because we still have the old patterns in our mind, so we call it hybrid because it doesn’t fit into our mind frame. The truth it’s that it’s just a new way of thinking and we need creative skills together with strategy skills, because the environment is changing. There are new rules and we need someone who is able to create ideas that never change and also to understand the new environment and its mechanisms and that’s why the strategist part is becoming more and more important in these profiles.

The most important thing is about what do you like to do, what you are really able to do and are you able to be a creative mind -a dangerous mind- and at the same time someone who is really able to understand the business and the brand of the client, and the media you are going to use.”

2 Antonio Guzmán y Mikel Santa María

“The main intention of these subjects is that students can acquire new methods and new ways of expression in order to express ideas, tell stories, give solutions and generate tools that will be useful to gain great communication skills. Knowing how to communicate something is a good start to stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays we live in an image world. There’s a very big amount of visual information we receive daily, constantly, in all situations. This means that, due to the excess of information, much of it ends up going unnoticed by us. Being able to understand how to tell a good story with a couple of pictures will provide us with the power to create stories that will not go unnoticed.

The use of images and sounds allows us to reach viewers directly through their senses and therefore evoke that popular imagery that we have created over the years. Having a wide knowledge of audiovisual tools not only helps us to teach our work to other people but also allows us to introduce them into our universe in a direct way and without intermediaries. The audiovisual world allows us to transmit ideas and sensations in a way unequalled by any other form of mass media.”

Antonio Guzmán

Photographer at Media Lab IED. Teacher of Digital & Communication Tools

Mikel Sáenz de Santa María

Filmmaker at Media Lab IED. Teacher of Digital & Communication Tools