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01 Introduction

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2017"
  • Number 10 - 23 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Welcome to the Masters of Design and Innovation memory book, a summary of a year of studies, trips, projects and experiences. It is an immersion into the journey of a generation of creatives taking three Master's Programs which have driven change on the basis of strategy.

A journey in the shape of a digital book which includes a tour of a year full of experiences linked to projects, sustainability, leadership, emergent trends and digital and communication tools. And the students, professionals and organizations which filled these twelve months of experiences around creativity.

Because you can get a lot out of one year, and even more so if you are part of the Masters of Design and Innovation: we invite you on a journey along a year full of experiences which have built divergent thinkers!

1 Master of Design and Innovation

The landscape in the field of professional, corporate, product and communication design is  undergoing a process of constant transformation. As a result, new dynamic and interdisciplinary working methods are being generated, providing new opportunities for collaboration and interaction between designers and the organizations in the productive, business, social and institutional sectors, both locally and internationally.

Conceived as project laboratories, the Masters of Design and Innovation have created the right context to promote divergent thinking and analyze current design from different perspectives, training professionals capable of facing the challenges posed by the global market and contemporary society in the areas of product design, communication, production, design concepts and business strategies.

These programs enable students to develop their work in a cross-curricular way, in multidisciplinary environments, leading successful projects.

I. Master of Communication Design Labs

  • Strategic positioning, design and innovation
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in the new paradigm of communication

II. Master of Product Design Labs

  • Sustainability, design and innovation
  • Materialise your ideas by applying creative innovation to materials and fabrication processes

III. Master of Strategic Design Labs

  • Entrepreneurship, design and innovation
  • Transform visionary ideas into innovative projects and business opportunities

2 Introweek

“An intro week has the sole purpose of bringing together new students in a dynamic that warms them up for the year to come. The activation of their creative skills, observation and digression capacity and abstraction and materialisation skills is a must here, as the MDI is designed as a very intense academic year which requires deep commitment and constant performance from its students. Hence, the Intro Week has this skill-set activation as one of its main goals.

Nevertheless, this would never be achieved if the designer’s group does not fit together as a team as well as feel at home in the city. Most of the students come from abroad, being central to this introduction event the familiarisation of the group with the receiving city, Madrid, and setting a social foundation between them.

Taking these goals as a reference, the Intro Week develops research in the city through an exploration of different neighbourhoods and contexts. These morning explorations are translated every afternoon in the master space. A dynamic that makes them work, individually and in groups, in order to activate each student’s individual skills as well as their group dynamics.

The Week finalises with an exhibition where all this research is shown to mentors, heads of department and program staff. Creating an environment which, loaded with those creative experiences, enables a horizontal communication between all of those who will be the main protagonists of the academic year.