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10 KAMANA: the restaurant that makes crowdfooding

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2017"
  • Number 10 - 28 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Spain is one of the most charitable countries in the world, and, although we are proud of this, we also know that many young people don't have the means to help. However, we noticed there are a few things younger generations aren’t willing to give up. Like for example, traveling and discovering new experiences and cultures.

We are what we eat, but somehow we also eat what we are. Gastronomy plays a fundamental role in cultures, making it the ideal bonding factor between young people and social projects, through an act as simple as eating out.

We present KAMANA, a pop-up restaurant, where giving back is as easy as a four-step recipe:

  1. We look for social projects that need funding.
  2. We create our dishes with popular recipes from the places where the projects are coming from.
  3. The money raised with each dish will finance its corresponding project, as a way of crowdfunding.
  4. When the project is complete, the dish disappears, making room for the next one.

At KAMANA we understand constant movement as key factor of feeling alive; that is why everything from our location to the projects and dishes moves along with it.