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15 re. v i s i o n: illuminate the shadows

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2017"
  • Number 10 - 28 de October de 2021
Masters of Design and Innovation
  • Masters of Design and Innovation

Religion is very personal and should stay at home. Once outside, it is manipulated and can cause conflict. Islam has been presented to Muslims and non-Muslims for certain purposes other than what it was meant to be. This has been one of the reasons behind the rise of Islamophobia and Islamic extremists, which are considered different faces of the same coin.

Meanwhile, truth is obscured and hard to see as shadows are cast, untruths spread, again and again!

Re. v i s i o n / is a call to shed light on the shadow created by extremists to illuminate it with dialogue, banish prejudice and cripple the power of the perverted few who find darkness their home.

Only with light can we reconcile difference, read between the lines, stop the chaos around us and change reality.