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Companies and Entrepreneurship

In each edition of the Master’s, agreements are set up with public and private entities that contribute sponsorship, technical and practical support to the program’s general development.

Collaborative relationships with companies are also established in the program of workshops and seminars, which are developed on a technical, strategic and process level. They include visits to workshops, factories and industries where students become familiar with the work systems necessary for shaping their projects, whatever the material or definitive form may be, with the real developmental phases required for producing their designs. This way, they are able to intimately experience business operations, the real rhythm and circumstances in which designers work. This enables them to adumbrate scenarios and offer best practices in the productive process.

In addition to the contacts made throughout the year, a Company Day is organized at the end of the program in which different brands are invited to see the final result of the participants’ work. It is an exclusive occasion for students to present their work in person to directors and people in charge of the design, communications, fashion, innovation and new technologies industries.

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