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Why Train at an MDI?


  • To learn as we work, which is the only real way to learn.
  • Because they are based on an innovative and transverse teaching methodology.
  • Because these courses promote research and delve into the frontier between design,
    strategy and communication.
  • Because they promote business and entrepreneurial activities with a vision that goes beyond numbers.
  • Because the multicultural environment, with students and professionals from a range of countries, offers an enriching personal experience.
  • Because they ensure networking with companies and professionals of national and international renown.
  • Because they promote the development of critical thinking and an awareness of social and sustainability issues.
  • Because trips and visits enrich the learning experience.
  • Because the cultural activity during the academic year is intense and contributes to rounding off the learning experience.
  • Because they take place in Madrid, a European capital where large institutions and companies are based, and which offers constant cultural activities as well as being accessible and multicultural.

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