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What are the MDI

Conceived as research laboratories, the Masters of Design and Innovation have created an environment that promotes divergent thinking and the analysis of current design from a range of different approaches: business strategy, production and communication. The projects completed during each of the masters are also the result of the interaction and collaboration between the students and the Program Leadears, tutors and professionals.

Through a fruitful interdisciplinary and intercultural debate we have generated a space in which to establish possible future scenarios, turn them into business opportunities, create new products and develop an effective and original concept of communication aimed at new markets and audiences.

Masters of Design and Innovation

About MDI


Trips and visits during the Masters of Design and Innovation are essential experiences for personal growth and learning. Trips whose itineraries are linked to the contents of the course didactics, help to change students’ perception of innovation and design, providing opportunities to make connections witht the professional world.

Trip to London - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid


The capital of design during the London Design Festival, packed with cultural and artistic life, was home for our students during a week full of visits to agencies, and top companies.

Trip to Milan - European and Product Design Labs - IED Madrid


Epicentre of industrial design during the month of April, when the most important events centred around design take place such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Satellite, Triennale, etc.

Trip to Berlin - Strategic and Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid


Regarded internationally as the great creative metropolis, which has enabled it to become the first German city to enter the global network of “Creative Cities”.


Creative activities based on the combination of conceptual and practical exercises in a short period of time and they require complete dedication. They allow students to discover new methodologies, to strengthen their teamwork dynamics and to nurture a multidisciplinary approach to applying the knowledge acquired during the course.

These workshops help teachers to determine the different creative skills of the students, allowing them to establish specific techniques to further improve them.

Circular Colour Tool - Raw Color - Workshop - European Design Labs - IED Madrid

Circular Colour Tool, by Raw Color

Starting from the proposal “Invent your own tools”, the workshop’s objective was creating new tools with which to generate graphic images based on colour, kinetic and rotation movement.

Filmmaking - David Salaices - Workshop - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid

Production as an Art and Craft, by David Salaices

Theoretical and practical study of all the areas of work and skills comprising the work of an advertising creative.

Lighting Design - Jorge Herrera - Workshop - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Working the Shape. Shaping the Light, by Jorge Herrera

Students began to work and solve all design elements, producing everything from the initial concepts of a luminaire to the final execution.

Program Leaders

Each MA course in the Masters of Design and Innovation platform is led by a Program Leader. These are internationally recognized professionals whose skills make them an undisputed benchmark to follow and learn from at all times.

Clive van Heerden - Program Leader - Product Design Labs - IED Madrid

Clive van Heerden

Program Leader of the Master of Product Design Labs

“Understanding that the discipline of design is more than aesthetics involves applying critical thinking to the whole process.”

Ugo Ceria - Program Leader - Communication Design Labs - IED Madrid.jpg

Ugo Ceria

Program Leader of the Master of Communication Design Labs

“We want students to understand the revolutionary time communications and the media are going through as well as offering them a working environment that is similar to the business reality.”

Juan Pastor Bustamante - Strategic Design Labs - IED Madrid

Juan Pastor

Program Leader of the Master of Strategic Design Labs

“The foundations of creative organisations are shared by all countries. Understanding them will enable you to work at any innovative company in the world.”


New Visions, New Leaders

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