Inventing Unique Tools together with the Dutch Studio, Raw Color

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Raw Color_IED Madrid

Invent your own tools: hybridize your tools in order to build unique things. Even simple tools that are your own can yield entirely new avenues of exploration. Remember tools amplify our capacities, so even a small tool can make a big difference.

That is one of the points of the Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by the designer Bruce Mau, and it is with this premise in mind that the workshop of the Master of European Design Labs and the Master of Communication Design Labs began, with the designers Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar from the Dutch studio, Raw Color.

The workshop’s objective was the creation of Color Tools, new and creative tools with which to generate graphic images based on colour and kinetic and rotation movement.

The students gave free reign to their imagination, taking as their starting point existing machines and tools as well as different elements (lamps, feathers, food, etc.) to combine them, transform them and turn them into new utensils with unheard of features.

The teachers encouraged the young designers to question the meaning and function of the material with which they were working, letting them follow where their curiosity led them. After preliminary research, the students were confronted by a production process based on constant experimentation and intuition, in order to expand the borders of their own design projects.


Raw Color is a collaboration between the designers Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar. Their work reflects a sophisticated treatment of materials by means of the mixing of photography and graphic design. This objective materializes through research and experimentation directed towards the construction of a visual language.


Program Leaders: mischer’traxler, Clive van Heerden, Ian Crocombe and Juan Pastor Bustamante
Start Date: January, 2015.
Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 18.00 h, divided into lessons, tutorials, research and trips.
Language: the lessons will be taught in English.

(+34) 91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid

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